Longfellow Elementary School

Slope Project

Sandbox Play area

Poets Hideaway garden

Slope Erosion Project at Longfellow Elementary School. Slope Erosion Project:  Students at Longfellow Elementary School helped plan a project to control erosion in the schoolyard through landscaping.  The project began in the spring of 2011. Fifth graders studied erosion and its effect on their playground as well as the city’s storm water system. They presented their findings to a panel of parent experts, including a landscape architect and two civil engineers. The parents volunteered their time and designed a slope plan, using reclaimed granite curbing, to prevent erosion onto the school’s lower playground.


longfellowsandplayareaSandbox & Balance Play Area
Site Based Liaison, Melissa Riley, and Landscape Architect and parent, Amy Segal, led the Longfellow community through another successful playground project at Longfellow School. This project added a sandbox, boulders and logs in an underutilized corner of the playground. The area is a quiet shady spot for quiet play during recess, a fun play to balance and jump, and a nice place for families to gather before and after school.

Poet’s Hideaway Garden
Formerly an asphalt covered courtyard, the Longfellow Garden is a beautifully landscaped area used as a teaching tool for students. Teachers bring students to the garden for hands on learning experiences. It has been incorporated into curricula such as pond and seed studies. The garden is also a place for community events, such as movie night and concerts. In addition, raised beds grow potatoes and carrots which are harvested by students. The organic produce is used by the Portland school district in the Maine Harvest Lunch week.

Site-Based Liaison: Melissa Riley

Landscape Architect: Amy Segal

Visit the Longfellow School Flickr page to view photos of the many green spaces at this school.

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