School Projects

The SGGC offers Mini-Grants and logistical support to local schools through a very successful Site Based Liaison Program.  We meet a number of times over the school year with our Site Based Liaison (SBL) group, who become amazing resources for each other.  Seed grants from SGGC enable the SBL’s to leverage additional funding for their projects.

Many thanks to generous funding from the Maine Community Foundation, Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust, Margaret Burnham Trust, the Quimby Foundation, Jane’s Trust and other donors who have made our Site Based Liaison program possible.

Click on the school names below to learn more about each project, and visit the SBL Flickr page to view photos from each project

Dyer Elementary School
East End Community School
East End Community School
Falmouth Elementary School
Kaler Elementary School
Longfellow Elementary School










Peaks Island Elementary School
Reiche Elementary School
Reiche Elementary School




Ocean Avenue Elementary School
Ocean Avenue School












Skillin Elementary School           
Small Elementary School
Small Elementary School


South Portland High School     


Lyseth Elementary School

Memorial Middle School

Pond Cove Elementary School

Westbrook Middle School












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