SGGC Workshop Offerings

The School Ground Greening Coalition offers the following workshops on a rotating basis.  We will post information here regarding upcoming workshop opportunities.

The Power of Outdoor Spaces Design PowerOutdoorSpacesWorkshop  

The workshop will bring Early Childhood educators together with school ground designers to elevate professional understanding of the design principles and developmental needs that shape effective outdoor learning and play spaces, as well as how schools can make great use of them to benefit children’s physical, emotional, social, and creative growth.  We will also share compelling current research findings on play environments.  Recent examples of design both local and international will be shared.

Teaching Outside Workshop

Professional Development with Erica Beck Spencer and FOSS Science in the Learning Garden at Skillin Elementary School

The focus of this two-session workshop is to share strategies for making effective use of the grounds around your school as an exciting and valuable classroom resource.  Current research shows that school time spent in natural spaces positively impacts children’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth, and that children who learn at a deeper level in natural outdoor spaces actually score higher on standardized tests.  And teaching outside is invigorating for teachers, too!  Come and find out why and how to use this powerful tool with your students. Workshop fee of $30 covers coffee, lunch and teaching resources, including Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8.

Planning Your School Ground Greening Project–a how-to Workshop 

Hall School students help build the trail behind their school
Hall School students help build the trail behind their school

This workshop is designed for teachers, staff, administrators & involved parents who are in the early stages of planning a trail, garden, outdoor classroom, green playspace feature, composting program, landscape art project, or other green school ground element that will support effective learning and play. Topics will cover the logistics, from design, maintenance, sustainability and getting permissions, to making effective classroom and school community connections.

Participants will choose from a variety of workshop sessions facilitated by local professionals over the course of the day.  Whether you are starting your first greening project, or are building on previous work, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Building School Community Through Green School Grounds Workshop

Children learn and grow more effectively when they have a sense of place in their school community, and it is no surprise that teachers and parents benefit from this as well.  Green school grounds can play a key role in building strong school communities, whether it be through annual events in your garden, workdays or ongoing stewardship rituals. These ongoing rituals help schools improve their sense of pride and community, and offer opportunities for parents and community members to feel connected to the school.

This workshop is designed for teachers, staff, administrators and involved parents who are eager to see their broader school community participate in using and sustaining their outdoor spaces.  It is also a chance to network, brainstorm and learn from members of our growing community of green school grounds enthusiasts.

Participants will choose from a variety of small-group sessions facilitated by local teachers and parents who have been actively involved with green school ground events. Topics will include food garden and arts events, as well as fundraising, communication, and green school ground maintenance know-how.

Whether or not you have attended our Teaching Outside or Project Planning Workshops, this workshop is a logical next step in making the most of your green school ground.


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