Consulting Services

Community Planning Charrette at Brown Elementary School

How can school grounds best serve the many needs of growing children as well as their teachers, families and community? How can we address current playground issues, envision changes, get approvals and funding, and engage community in their design and construction?

We will help your school planning team with any of the needed steps in the process, from  the planning and design to the construction of outdoor spaces that are engaging and effective environments for play and learning.

Consultation Options:  

Planning Meeting

  • Coordinate with the playground committee about ideas, needs and concerns for the project.
  • Discuss methods for obtaining community input that reflects the interests and vision of the diverse stakeholders (students, teachers/staff, administration, parents and community members).


  • Slide show presentation to school community highlighting best practices, examples of school projects, and the research supporting the designs.
  • Time for Q&A.

Charrette – a community design workshop where ideas are shared about how individuals envision the school grounds.  A successful charrette will involve a variety of stakeholders, lay the groundwork for long-term community involvement in the school’s grounds, and lead to the creation of a comprehensive master plan.  The master plan is a strategic tool for fundraising and manageable phasing of larger projects.

Charrette consulting services may include:

  • Charrette planning meeting and email follow-up with leadership team;
  • Ideas for community input  (written and drawn surveys for adults and students);
  • Facilitation of charrette, including slide presentation, planning schedule, and organizing small group discussion and note-making on site plans; and
  • Post-charrette follow-up with leadership team and landscape architect to review charrette results and plan next steps.

Follow-up Meeting

Assist in creating a plan for next steps, which may include recommendations for landscape architects, if still needed, reviewing designs with your committee, fundraising, soliciting materials donations, getting municipal approvals, and navigating construction processes.

Customized Teaching Outside Workshop for School Staff

This professional development workshop helps teachers:

  • Understand the research behind why time outside year-round is so crucial to children’s development and learning;
  • Adapt the lessons/subjects they are already teaching to be taught outside to make the best use of their school ground’s resources;
  • Encourage higher levels of student engagement and greater learning results;
  • Learn practical time-tested techniques for making outside teaching impactful (and differentiated for children from recess.

Workshops may vary in length from 4 hours to two days, and may take place during the week or on a Saturday.  For best return on investment, workshops should start in the morning.  The estimate quoted here includes two SGGC staff at 9 hours each.

Workshop fees will depend on the number of staff attending (and thus our staff levels), as well as length of workshop and materials requested. Please contact us for more information regarding this service.  


Schools need different levels of support, depending on the planning skills your community members bring to the project.  Some scenarios for services and estimated fees are below. We would be happy to discuss these options in more detail to help you choose the best path for your project.  

Package A: $70

Planning/Overview Meeting (3 hours) 

Package B: $350

Planning Meeting  (3 hours)

Charrette (5 hours)

Follow-up Meeting (2 hours)

Package C: $315

Planning Meeting (3 hours)

Presentation (4 hours)

Follow-up Meeting (2 hours)

Depending on the size of your project and the complexity of your needs, meeting and preparation times may vary. 


Travel will be charged per mile at the current IRS rate.