Outside Teaching Plans by Local Teachers


Written by Maine Teachers

The final project for our Teaching Outside Workshops is for teachers to create an Outside Teaching Plan (OTP) for use with their class.  We ask the teachers to take their students outside and implement their OTP before the second session of our workshop.  During the second session, each teacher presents his/her OTP, and relates both the challenges and “ah-ha” moments that came from teaching outside.

Teachers are strongly encouraged to teach a class or unit already in their repertoire, finding ways to do parts of the lesson or unit OUTSIDE.  Early forays into teaching outside may consist of several 15 minute outdoor lessons, to begin laying the groundwork for successful learning experiences out of the classroom.

We’ve posted links to some of the Outside Teaching Plans created during our Teaching Outside Workshops here.  We hope these plans will inspire more teachers to get outside with their students for valuable learning experiences!

Samples of the Outside Teaching Plans

Garden related plans:

Animal & insect related plans:

Trail related plans:

Math related Plans:

Art related plans:

Nature related Plans

Plans for Middle School teachers:

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