Sustainability Issues

EECS students give Dr. Morse (former Superintendent of PPS) a tour of their green school ground


How do we keep this good thing going?

  • Identify colleagues who will share information/techniques on teaching outside, collaborate on greening projects, and generally contribute to a school climate conducive to and supportive of outdoor learning.
  • Work with (and educate) supportive administrators who know the research about learning/behavior that supports green school grounds and using the outdoors to teach.
  • Establish a permanent Greening Committee (through the PTO, PTA or School Council) which:
    • supports the use of the school ground by faculty, students and community;
    • maintains communication with school staff, City representatives, and parents regarding maintenance needs and school events;
    • engages evolving teacher and parent leadership;
    • ensures a dedicated line on the annual budget for ongoing maintenance expenses and events.

State Policy: the School Ground Greening Coalition is working to impact state policy and regulations regarding the construction or renovation of schools and grounds, as these have a major impact on the grounds configuration and little regard for the grounds as teaching resources.

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