Small Elementary School

School Gardens & Harvest Feast

Small Elementary School

Science in the School Garden

Teachers and parent volunteers have organized the 4th grade science curriculum at Small School around the school’s extensive gardens.  During the Spring and Fall growing seasons, the vegetable gardens serve as an outdoor laboratory for studying plant life cycles, soil science, insects and nutrition.  The school garden has become an integral resource for Small School, much in the same way the school library expands the learning space available to students.


9135073019_6647c74e8e_oSmall School Feast

Small School has a long-standing tradition of serving a very special Harvest Meal every fall.  Fourth grade students harvest the school gardens, press cider and prepare a delicious meal for the fifth grade students, as a thank you for their stewardship of the gardens the year before.



Site-Based Liaisons: Wynne Wirth & Stephanie Cooke


Visit the Small School Flickr page to view more photos of this project. 

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