Reiche Elementary School

Teaching Science in the School Garden

 A dedicated group of parents, teachers, students & local businesses came together in 2011 to build a beautiful new school garden at Reiche Community School.  Teacher Laura Graves, led the charge to re-write the school’s science curriculum using the garden as the primary teaching resource. The school has worked with Cultivating Community and Environmental Educator, Katrina Venhuizen to build upon Laura Graves’ work.

Reiche’s Green Team has worked on additional greening projects including the Sensory Garden, Orchard and Beneficial Bug Garden.

Reiche is a leader in collaborating with local organizations to celebrate and support their greening work.  Ongoing partners include: Charlotte Maloney (Landscape Architect), Cultivating Community, Garbage to Garden, Pastor Chuck’s Applesauce, Whole Foods, Spiral Tree Yoga, UMaine Master Gardener Food Preservers, Portland Public School’s Central Kitchen.

2011- School Garden is built with amazing community support.
2011- present- Reiche students work and learn in the school garden as an integral part of their science curriculum.





2012- Beneficial Bug garden installed with whimsical Bug Houses!


2013- Sensory Garden, Orchard & Seating Area










Site Based Liaisons: Wynne Wirth & Hazel Holmes

Visit the Reiche Community School Flickr page to view more photos of this project.


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