Presumpscot Learning Garden

Your Name: Rebecca Maiorano

Class Grade Level(s): Kindergarten

Class Subject: All

Number of Students in the class: 18

Lesson/Project Name: Presumpscot Learning Garden

A.  Pre-Reflection

1. What are your own teaching goals going into this?

I will guide students in creating a Learning Garden at Presumpscot School.

I will seek parent and community involvement to support students in this project.

I will interweave this project with our Spring Expedition:  The People and Places That are Presumpscot.

2.  What are your goals for students going into this?

a.  Students will explore the school grounds.

b.  Students will think deeply about what we need to create an outdoor learning space.

c.  Students will give back to their school community by creating a learning garden to be used by the school community and neighborhood community.

d.  Students will use math skills in a real world way to plan paths, raised bed and benches.

e.  Students will enrich their knowledge of plants by investigating what types of plants will be     best for our learning garden.


  1. Materials: Clipboards, Sharpened Pencils, Paper, chart paper, markers (so far)
  2. The Class/Project

This is a work in progress.  Kindergarten students will be creating a learning garden at

Presumpscot School.  Students will be involved in all phases of this project from brainstorming a list of what we will need to create a learning garden to the unveiling of the actual garden at the Celebration of Learning in May.

Our first step began on February 22, 2010, by looking at pictures of outdoor learning spaces.  Students were very interested in the idea of learning outside and creating an outdoor learning space for everyone in our school to use.  (Inside, 30 Minutes)

February 23, 2010 students made a list of what kinds of places would make a good site for our future learning garden.   Their list included:  Sun, close enough to the school to get water, in a place that made people feel welcome and safe, In a place that was not to close to the road, a place where the snow doesn’t get piled up. (Inside 15 minutes).

Students then took their clipboards and went outside to explore the property.  Their goal was to find locations that would work for the learning garden. (Outside 30 minutes).

C.  Reflection:

Chapter 3:  Taking your class outside, in the Broda book was especially valuable to me.   I used this chapter to prepare the students and myself.  I surveyed the area and cleaned up glass and trash.  We reviewed safety rules and expectations inside, we were prepared with clipboards and pencils, and we went out a different door than the door we use for recess.  I was thrilled with the students’ excitement and the level of focus they applied to the tasks, both inside and out.

All of the students are invested in creating a learning garden for our school.  We have decided on where the garden will go and have gotten approval from our administrators.  The next step will be for the students to write a letter to cultivating community and invite them to help us in planning the raised bed for our learning garden.

To be continued…..

One thought on “Presumpscot Learning Garden

  1. Just want to thank Rebecca for making my little girls first year a safe one. She is a credit to her profession and is to be commended!

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