Geometry in Nature and our Playground


Teacher’s Name: Maria Nelson

Class Grade Level(s): Kindergarten

Class Subject: Math

Number of Students in the Class: 18

Lesson/Project Name: Geometry in Nature and on our Playground

A. Pre-Reflection

1.   What are your professional teaching goals going into this?

  • My goals are to get my students outside for learning not just playing. I want them to be able to observe and look closely at our playground area.

2. What are your SKILL & CONTENT goals for students going into this?

  • Skill Goal: Observation– I want my students to look closely at nature and the playground area. I want them to use their senses to help them explore the area around them.
  • Content Goal: My students will hopefully be able to recognize and identify different shapes in nature and on the playground.


1. Materials (attach any handouts created): Clipboard, recording sheet and pencil

2. The Class/Project

a. Prep before going outside:

Before going outside, I will revisit our geometry lesson on shapes in the classroom and tell them we are going to go outside and try to find shapes on the playground and in nature.

We will discuss what observation looks like, and I will review outdoor behavior rules. I will be sure that they understand this is not to play, but to explore and look closely at the area.

b.  Outside activity: When we reach the playground area, we will circle up and I will remind them that their job is to be an observer of the playground and nature. That we are looking for shapes. I want them to just explore and observe for 5 minutes. Then I will ring a bell and that will let them know they can record what they found on the recording sheet. When I ring the bell a 2nd time, that will indicate it is time to circle up and head back inside to debrief.

c.  Classroom follow-up activity: Once inside, we will reconvene at the meeting area to discuss our findings. As a group, we will make a graph to see how many shapes we found. Which shaped we found most of? Least of?

C. Reflection

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