East End Community School

Bug, Bird and Butterfly Teaching Garden & Mosaic

The new Bug, Bird and Butterfly Garden at East End Community School
The new Bug, Bird and Butterfly Teaching Garden at East End Community School

Site Based Liaison and parent Leah Cross led the redesign and planting of a Bug, Bird and Butterfly Teaching Garden in a barren courtyard space. The classes involved in the planting of the garden learned about why the plants were chosen, and what birds, bugs and butterflies the plants will attract. This garden will act as an important laboratory for science studies at EECS.



East End Community School
Bug, Bird and Butterfly Mosaic

A year after the Garden was installed, Leah Cross led 75 first graders through research, drafting, drawing & creating tile mosaics for all the plants, birds & butterflies that could be found in their garden. The mosaic is mounted on the side of the school, within the Bird & Butterfly Garden. EECS teachers plan on using the mosaic as a guide for plant, bird & butterfly studies year-after-year with their first grade students.

Site-Based Liaison: Leah Cross

Visit the EECS Flickr page to see more photos of the many amazing projects at this school.

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