Dyer Elementary School

Community Design Charrette & phases of the new playground

Project Description:  Site Based Liaison Angela Blier organized a Community Design Charrette at Dyer Elementary School in February 2013.  After an inspiring presentation by Landscape Architect Sashie Misner, students, teachers, staff and parents added notes and pictures to the school site plans at each table. Sashie then worked with the school’s Greening Committee to come up with a final plan that addresses their highest priorities.

Dyer’s Greening Committee has been working on building their new playground in phases:

Phase 1 (2014)- Walking/Running Trail around the perimeter of the playground


Phase 2 (2015)- Slope Slide & Platform









Phase 3 (2016)- Outdoor Classroom and Natural Play Area








Site Based Liaison: Angela Blier

News Coverage:  http://sentry.mainelymediallc.com/pageview/pages/2012-05-04

Visit the Dyer School Flickr page to see more photos of this evolving project.

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